Episode 4 - Revolutionizing Wellness in the Workplace with Dr. Matt Chalmers

Episode 4 - Revolutionizing Wellness in the Workplace with Dr. Matt Chalmers

Heart-pounding moments and life's unpredictabilities often catch us off guard. Dr. Matt Chalmers joins me to share how this executive's close encounter with mortality sparked a company-wide revolution, emphasizing the non-negotiable necessity of regular health check-ups, especially for those in high-stress roles like sales. We open up about our own run-ins with stress and explain why preventative care isn't just a nice thought—it's a must-have for anyone looking to go the distance in their career.

Dr. Matt Chalmers - Thriving Beyond Belief

We also tap into mental wellness and the groundbreaking potential of psychedelics in treating PTSD and addiction. Dr. Chalmers leads us through his experiences beyond the traditional healthcare fence, discussing his work with Delta 8 for pain management and his successful ventures in utilizing ketamine and psilocybin. We share compelling personal accounts and historical research to paint a vivid picture of the healing powers these substances hold, particularly for veterans and first responders who have walked through the fire of trauma.

Key Moments

  • -Dr. Chalmers's craziest sales story!
  • -Managing pain isn’t enough - tackling addiction can be done.
  • -The power of using psychedelics and alternative therapies for treating ailments and diseases.
  • -How the impact of trauma on veterans and first responders can be regulated and treated with specific, innovative therapies.

Connect with Dr. Matt Chalmers

Dr. Matt Chalmers is a respected health and wellness expert known for his holistic approach to health issues. With a diverse clientele, including athletes and celebrities, he specializes in nutrition, women’s health, weight management, and holistic healing.

Dr. Chalmers addresses a range of conditions, from chronic fatigue to chiropractic problems, often when traditional treatments fall short. His bestselling book, “Pillars of Wellness,” simplifies wellness practices, while his role in transforming health journeys is highlighted in Deborah Bain, M.D.'s book. With degrees from Parker Chiropractic College and certifications in various fields, he continues to impact lives in Dallas alongside his wife.


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