Achieving Rock Star Level Success in Sales and Marketing with Mason Dorner - Episode 21 -


What’s up everybody, It’s ya boy Drewbie and I’m back with an absolute powerhouse…Mason Dorner, owner of Ascenditt Marketing.  Mason lets us in on his craziest sales story and how partying with rock stars turned into an awesome business venture.  It’s a testament to how getting into the right rooms can change the game.


Speaking of games, ever wondered how to up your social media game? This episode is your all-access pass behind the scenes of organic growth and paid advertising. With the inside scoop on using personal branding to attract business, we break down the strategies that work. Learn how to treat your ad spend as an investment that brings returns, not just a slot machine pull hoping for the jackpot. It's about crafting a social media presence that's as authentic as it is strategic.


Key Moments:

-Mason’s craziest sales story…involving The Chainsmokers??


-Get into the right rooms, you never know what might transpire.


-Mason’s sales superpower - a strong resume.  It creates instant authority!


-You’re selling yourself short if you’re not providing value for free.


-Build your audience!




Connect with Mason:


Mason has worked in digital marketing for 15+ years during which time he has managed over $100M in ad spend, generated over $1B in online sales and worked for major brands such as Comcast and Disney. After getting bored of the corporate rat race, he joined a local Orlando tech startup, Stax, as their head of marketing and was one of the first full-time employees. During his time with Stax, they scaled their recurring revenue from $1m to $100m in just 4 years, acquired 25,000+ customers, and sold the company for over $1B under his leadership.


He is now the Chief Ads Officer and cofounder of Ascenditt, a rapid-growth sales and marketing agency, where he has consulted for, invested in and helped to scale 50+ companies, including many e-commerce brands and SaaS platforms, several of which have reached 8-9 figure valuations.


Find him at:


LinkedIn -


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Get a FREE Paid Ads or Email Marketing audit from Mason and team by requesting at The audit is completely free, no obligation, and you will walk away with a 100+ point roadmap to increase the revenue from your paid ads or email marketing.



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