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Hey hey, what’s up you guys, it’s your boy Drewbie and I’ve got another incredible episode for you, this time featuring my friend and master of sales, Mr. Sam Kaufman.  Sam wrote the book on taking street-smart wisdom to new heights in sales. We’ll go through Sam’s craziest sales story involving dealing drugs, and selling for a company that was eventually raided by the FBI (more on that) which led to the ultimate personal transformation.


Listening might just be the unsung hero of sales.  We discuss the art of listening beyond words, a skill that sets you up for the win. We also tackle the misconception that haunts the internal sales industry, emphasizing the need for honesty, even if it means pointing customers elsewhere. Sam also delivers his game-changing advice for closing deals and how the big games are always won through practice. By listening, creating genuine connections, and the strategic use of core values, we lay the blueprint for a career built not just on transactions, but on integrity.


Key Moments:


-Sam’s craziest sales story involving working for a company that was raided by the FBI!


-Yes, drug dealing is the absolute rawest form of entrepreneurship.


-Listening should be everyone’s secret weapon.  If you can’t listen, you shouldn’t sell.


-Closing is the natural product of doing everything correctly in between, not the end result.





Connect with Sam, Coach and Director of Revenue at Winrate Consulting:


Sam Kaufman is a dynamic entrepreneur and business coach known for his transformative approach to growth and leadership. With a journey that saw him elevate a construction company from a modest 6 figure enterprise to a powerhouse generating multiple seven figures in revenue, Sam has honed his expertise in leadership, accountability procedures, effective meeting agendas and cadences, monitoring performance, and training.


Throughout his career, Sam has been deeply committed to fostering success within his teams, having employed and mentored over a hundred individuals. His dedication to accountability procedures, effective meeting agendas and cadences, monitoring performance, and training has been instrumental in cultivating a thriving work culture and driving sustainable growth.


Fueled by a passion for marketing and sales optimization, Sam became obsessed with identifying marketing tactics and follow-up processes that delivered the highest ROI for his company. Sales and marketing became his primary focus. This drive led him to transition into coaching and consulting, where he shares his wealth of knowledge with other business owners seeking to scale their ventures effectively.


In 2022, Sam launched the "Never Stop Building" podcast, where he shares actionable insights, strategies, and inspiring stories to empower entrepreneurs on their journey to success. He is a firm advocate of taking action and implementing strategies as the true catalysts for business growth and personal fulfillment.


Beyond his podcast, Sam is a prolific creator of free online content, generously sharing his expertise to help others take decisive steps toward their goals. His overarching mission is to empower individuals to build the lives they desire by setting and achieving actionable goals that naturally propel them forward.


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