Episode 7 - From Chaos to Close with Ky Logue

Episode 7 - From Chaos to Close with Ky Logue

When you're in sales, you never quite know what's behind the next door—sometimes it's a naked squatter in a derelict house! What’s up everybody, it’s your boy, Drewbie, and in this episode, I sit with the ever-entertaining Ky Logue, who may just have the wildest real estate sales stories you've ever heard. Our conversation is a roller coaster ride of laughter and disbelief as we recount the unpredictable, sometimes bizarre, but always thrilling world we navigate. From dodgy call centers to the dynamic streets of San Antonio, we've seen it all, proving that a career in sales is anything but mundane.

Meet Ky Logue - CanvasRebel Magazine

If you've ever wondered if a script in sales can stifle authenticity, let me share a secret with you: it's all about the delivery. Ky and I take you through the transformative nature of sales, where a well-rehearsed pitch can be your golden ticket. I recount some of my most memorable interview experiences, from chaotic to corporate, revealing how these moments helped me tailor my approach to selling. Whether you're suited and booted or prefer business casual, there's a place for you in the world of sales, and we're here to show you how to shine.

Join us as we dismantle common fears and misconceptions in real estate investing, providing you with the tools to logically and emotionally guide clients to see the value of what you're offering. With Ky’s stories adding color and depth, this episode is a toast to the hustle and camaraderie that make sales an art form.

Key Moments

  • -Our craziest sales stories!  Trust your intuition to know when a job isn’t right for you.
  • -Ky’s secret weapon in sales.
  • -Why you need to change things up to keep growing and scaling.
  • -How straight-shooting can help you close more deals.

Connect with Ky

Ky Logue, is a real estate investor and entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas. Overcoming a lifetime of negativity and poverty, Ky has carved a niche in the real estate world, specializing in real estate wholesaling. His mission is to help others live a life of their own design by living "One Day At A Time".

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Connect with Drewbie

Your Host, Drewbie Wilson:

With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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