Episode 13 - How to Rake in the Dough Through All of Your Deals with McKlane Bobbitt



Episode 13 - How to Rake in the Dough Through All of Your Deals with McKlane Bobbitt


What’s up everybody, it’s your boy Drewbie and I’m back with another amazing sales professional to help you accelerate your career in sales. Ever wonder how a pizza could land you a major business deal? McKlane Bobbitt, the maverick attorney by day, real estate investor by night, sits down with us to spill the secrets of his sales success, complete with a side of humor. In a world where closing the deal is king, McKlane's tales of persistence, such as winning over a ghosting client with a delivered pizza, are a testament to the power of relationship-building and thinking outside the box in sales. 


This episode also charts the transformative journey of a former pharmacy tech whose leap into real estate wholesaling was born from personal adversity and an ironclad drive to carve a new path. From mastering the art of cold calling to market his venture, this wholesaler's saga serves as a blueprint for harnessing sales cadence and the unwavering grit needed to fuel career triumphs and family provision.


Key Moments:

-McKlane’s crazy sales story involving…pizza!?

-Sales will change your life, but your business will change your life even more.

-The secret weapon of McKlane’s sales process.

-How to determine where your team’s productivity lies and figure out the best area for them to be successful in.


Connect with McKlane:


As a first-generation American McKlane followed the traditional “poor dad” route of getting good grades and going to college. He had plans to go on to physician assistant school but after failing to obtain a slot in a program he decided to go into medical device sales. From there he learns the power of sales and communication. Later going into software sales for a large SAAS provider in the multifamily world. During this time he began to learn about real estate wholesaling and learned how to do deals every waking moment he had.


McKlane eventually stumbled upon messy title deals and his passion for fixing them. This passion led to him finding enough deals and consistency that he was able to leave his job in May 2020.


To date McKlane has taken part in over 250 transactions since he first started real estate. The majority of these deals have been messy title-type deals. He is currently fixing and flipping 2-3 houses per month and manages a portfolio value of $2MM+.


* Company Name

Lone Star Equity

* Social Media Links

Instagram: @Mcklane.bobbitt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/McKlaneB


Connect with Drewbie:

With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.


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