Decision Making Process: Challenging Choices Create Change

Challenging Choices Create Change

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Creating lasting changes. 
  • 💥 Decisions you make to impact your future.
  • 💥 What to focus on instead of others.

Favorite Quote: 

"Everything we go through is due to the decisions we make and the actions we take."


Challenging Choices Create Change - Ep. 624

In the decision making process, when choices come with a challenge, they create a lasting change now. The most challenging things you've ever done impacted you, making you act differently. When you move forward in the future, right? The decisions you make now are different from those you made in your past because of the challenges you had to go through based on your choices. Some of us chose to get into illegal things, got into trouble, and now we're paying because of those things, right? We have to deal with the price of those issues we went through and the problems because of our choices.

They came with that challenge. It's a difficult thing to deal with. However, as you move forward, if you are in the decision making process to overcome those difficulties, they create a change. You become a different person, right? I know people who spent more than a decade in prison and are now changing their lives—not just their lives but the lives of multiple people worldwide.

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Decision Making Process: Mentoring and Leading Towards Lasting Change


The decision making process intertwines with leading and mentoring other individuals going or coming down from that path and saying, "Hey, it doesn't have to be that way." That's the thing in your life, right? Looking back at all the challenges you had to go through, what choices put you in that situation? What decisions are you making differently now? And what are the challenges that you're facing? What choices put you in that situation? Everything that we go through is due to.

Decision making process is vital for how we act. The decisions that we make in the actions we take, so just remember that if you're looking to create a change in your life right and not just like sometimes, hey, I lost 10 lbs, but then I put on 15 lbs, and then I lost 10 lb, and then I lost 15 pounds. You know, get consistency, make a choice, and put yourself through a challenge because that challenge will create lasting change, and that's what you're trying to do in your life. You're trying to add these better habits and routines because when you get a 1% better daily, you know you're on that journey to greatness.

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