Situational Awareness: Showing Up As Yourself

Showing Up As Yourself

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Situational awareness. 💥
  • 💥 Showing up as our best selves. 💥
  • 💥 Purpose and meaning in what you are doing. 💥

Favorite Quote: 

"It's time to double down on just being the best version of you."


Ep. 654: Showing Up As Yourself

Having situational awareness means that the more you show up as yourself, the less the world will question your character. So hear me out. People often think everyone around them is watching, judging, and questioning their choices. That's how we operate, right? This understanding helps you filter out what is relevant information.

Humans are wired funny in that we're always watching to see what other people are doing, how they're judging us, and how they're looking at us, right? It's that situational awareness that we're all gifted with.

Some of us have even developed that to a point where we recognize the nuances of the people around us and perceive understand the situations we're in. That's what allows us to be very successful and proactive in what we do.

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Cultivating Situational Awareness: A Path to Embracing Authenticity

Situational awareness guides us through the transition from judging ourselves based on what others think to simply showing up as our best selves. When we are authentic, the world stops questioning us. Authenticity commands respect, and we appreciate it in others too.

So, I want to remind you today that it’s easiest if you just show up as yourself—online, offline, in person, on the phone, wherever. Your authenticity will ring true and give your reputation and character validity, because that’s what we’re all seeking in our present and future states.

Through situational awareness, we all want to feel validated. We all want to think that what we're doing has a purpose and meaning and brings happiness to the people around us and, more importantly, ourselves. So, if you've been in a situation recently where you felt as though people were questioning you or maybe somebody was asking if you were who you say you are, it's time and space to double down on that projection of their status, right?

Situational awareness is important. We double down on being the best version of ourselves—raw, honest, and authentic—because that's what people want. And if they don't want to do business or life with the version of you that you are, that most excellent version of yourself you've been working towards, well then, so be it; that's their choice.

But you know in your heart that you're showing up, doing you, and being the best version of yourself. In that case, nobody can question it because it's true now and forever.

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