Unleash Sales Mastery: Drewbie Wilson's Origin Story

Twenty years of hustle, grit, and a relentless pursuit of that one mantra that changed it all for me—'Call the Damn Leads.' It's your boy, Drewbie Wilson, diving into the heart of sales mastery with personal tales that transformed my world in sales. This podcast isn't just a recount of my journey; it's the distilled essence of two decades of learning the ropes and leaping ahead in various industries, as well as stories from my seasoned sales professional guests. Listen in as we pull back the curtain on the pivotal practices that can skyrocket your sales trajectory, from the art of persistently pursuing leads to the game-changing wisdom found in the sales community that propels us forward. 

Grab a seat and buckle up for an engaging ride with me through the raw, sometimes wild stories that paint the sales landscape. We're extending the mic to you as well; this is your platform to celebrate your sales conquests, learn from missteps, and get a taste of the strategies that have shaped careers across the board. Whether you're peddling policies or pitching pleasure products, there's a slice of wisdom here for all. We're all ears for your sales sagas, so hit us up at callthedamnleads.com/podcast, and let's create a sales brotherhood like no other.

Key Moments:

-The story of how the mantra “Call The Damn Leads” came to be.

-A detailed history of my experience in sales.

-What helps you make more money in marketing and sales?

-Call the damn leads!!


Welcome to "Call the Damn Leads," the show by sales professionals for sales professionals. I'm your host, Drew Wilson. I've got more than two decades in sales, a bunch of crazy stories, and a few sales tactics and strategies I'd like to share. But more than anything, this show is for you, the sales professional, the individual who wants to go out and absolutely dominate in your industry.


This show is all about bringing you crazy stories, bringing you tactics that you can go and use for success in your own life. Today, I'd really like to tell you the story of how "Call the Damn Leads" came to exist. So again, my name is Drew Wilson. I will be your host and adventure guide in this wild world of sales stories and training.


Essentially, the reason this all started is that I came from the world of sales. Again, I have 20 years in the industry. I've sold everything from dope to insurance for your life. I have sold consulting and digital marketing, and I have helped build out and consult with sales teams in just about any industry you can think of, including sex toys. So, whatever you sell, there are some tactics, some training, and some fun that we can have together.


Sales Mastery Journey: From Commodity Relocation to Insurance Sales

My journey in sales and the reason this all exists is when I started growing up, you know, was in the, let's call it, the commodities' relocation specialist industry. I was great at if you had a need for a thing, I had a good way of going out and finding it for you. And all I asked was for a little something in the middle, as one of my mentors calls it, a tad for Brad if you will. Throughout the years, I realized this was not a lifestyle that I could live in forever. We all know that fast money doesn't last, honey. And I knew that I needed to get a legitimate job.


Funny enough, I started dating a fine young lady at the time who is now my wife, and it turns out her father-in-law owned an insurance agency and was going to give me an opportunity because I was selling tobacco cigars. I mean, like I said, I have sold everything under the sun. And while I was working at the tobacco shop, I got let go two weeks before Christmas. Owner of St, hey, you know I love you, I appreciate you, but I have got to let you go. Long story short, for another episode, there was a lot of tax stuff to get figured out there, so we'll circle back on that in another show.


I got into the insurance industry, and I didn't know anything about insurance. I was 26 years old at the time, probably still on my mom's insurance plan if we're being honest with you. And I didn't know anything about selling insurance other than, hey, you know you're pretty good at sales, you've sold all the other things, let's get you into a legitimate job. So I went to the training session, and I don't know if any of you are on insurance, and if you are, you'll appreciate this, but they sat you down, and they handed me a stack of paper and said, here are your leads. Started to smile and dial. I was like, well, well, what are we doing with this?


When you're training in some of these industries, it's really just the basics of, hey, here's how you put the information in, here's how you get the quote, go and sell them on the thing. You don't know all about any of it, but you're just going to figure it out as you go. And that's what I did. We went through two weeks of training. I didn't lose anything in training, we went back to the agency, and they sat me down at a computer. They gave me a Polycon IP330 phone. So for those of you who have been around long enough, you know the Polycom game is the standard in voice over IP. And they gave me a printed out list of Excel names and phone numbers.


Sales Mastery: Turning Leads into Success

So, let's just sink that in for a second here. They sat me at a computer with a voiceover phone and a printed-out list of Excel leads to call and sell insurance to. It was mind-blowing. Why they didn't have a CRM, why they didn't have any of this, you know, we don't know what we don't know. So, in the journey of sales, this is what this show is all about.


To help you understand the little things that will help you get better, as I'm sitting there and I'm looking at this big old stack of papers and a phone with no headset even, I said, "Well, here's what I need to do. I got to get organized." I walked down to the Dollar General, I grabbed myself a couple of Full Throttle energy drinks, some lightheartedness, blue, I'm sorry, red, yellow, and green ruler, and a pen. I sat down and I started smiling. I was calling the damn leads, and that's what I did for almost five straight years.


I picked up the phone every single day, and I called those damn leads, and it got to a point where I was one of the number one producers in our market, for our agency for sure. I was winning lots of awards, we got to go on all these fancy trips, and I reached a point where I realized, though, that no matter how many leads I called, I still needed more. So I developed a real desire to understand, "Okay if I'm calling 50 leads, and I'm making x amount of money per month, what happens if I call 100 leads, or 200 leads?" I start doing the math. It's like, "Okay, well, for sales, the best thing I can do is go and learn how to get more leads, get more people to talk to. I increase the number of contacts, I increase the number of closes, I increase the number of dollars in my bank account. It's basic math, people."


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Sales Mastery: Learning to Generate Leads and Dominate in the Marketplace

So I go online, and I'm looking around, and I want to learn marketing, 'cause I'm seeing all these insurance agents at the time that are on these Facebook groups, and they're talking about, "You know, you guys are idiots. You're paying $25 a piece for leads. We learned this PPC advertising with Facebook, and we're getting leads for $2, $3, $5," and I went, "That's what I need. I need that right there. How do I get the cheap leads that are exclusive that I can call and sell? I'm great at sales, right? Let me call the damn leads and get paid." Call up this company, says...


Hey, I want to do business with you. I want to learn this marketing. I want to figure it out and I want to dominate in my Marketplace. They're like, cool man, it's going to be 1,500 bucks. As a sales guy at the time, I'm going to be real honest with y'all folks. I didn't have 1,500 bucks. I was just a paycheck-to-paycheck sales dude trying to figure it out. I did not have 1,500 bucks. But I went to the agent that I work for and I said, "Hey man, we're spending a couple of Grand a month on marketing. I'd like to go and buy this course so I can learn how do do it. What do you think?" And he's like, "Hey man, I don't really have the 1,500 bucks to spend either. So gonna have to just go back there and call the damn leads."


So I go out there, and I pick up the phone, and I call the company back, and I go, "All right guys, here's the deal. I don't have 1,500 bucks but I'm going to put it on a credit card. I just need you to promise me this is going to work. Like, am I going to get there?" And the guy's like, "Oh man, you're too late. You missed it.

Somebody else took your spot. Sucks to be you, dude." And I took that to heart, like what's that Michael Jordan Meme, and I took that personally. And it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me because it led me to find out that when you learn marketing, and you learn how to generate your own leads, it literally gives you the ability to write your own paycheck in sales, because now that you have leads, you can call the damn leads, and you can get paid.


One of the things I know is that most sales professionals struggle to go out and meet new people, and it's literally the one thing that's going to help you make more money. So I went online, I learned marketing, and I started figuring out how to build Facebook ads and sales funnels. Again, these are all things that we'll talk about in future episodes. But I went in, I spent $200 on an online course, and I started implementing the software.


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Sales Mastery: The Origin Story of “Call the Damn Leads”

I built my first sales funnel. I put up my first Facebook advertisement. I spent $500 and generated 250 leads exclusive just for our agency. I started calling those leads and I doubled my production in a single month. It was the wildest experience I've ever had. For those of you that are listening, if you've ever had an idea and you've put it to work and it's gotten you the result or exponentially more than you thought it was, that moment for me was it. I went holy smokes, this works. The most beautiful Divine timing of God of this whole series is I get a call from some of the other agents in our area.


They're like bro, what the hell are you doing? You're like one of the top guys, and you just doubled your production and made us all look like, what are you doing? Was it legal CU you know of course everybody wants to question when you start having success and doing good is what you're doing legal because they always want to make an excuse to why you're having success and they're not and whole another story for another day but they're going hey man I like I want that how do we do that and I'm excited and I'm going hey I learned this marketing I learn how to do these things um and you set up Facebook ads and you build these funnels and and it's this this and this and they went bro I don't have time for any of that how much for you to set one up for me.


And this big light bulb went off in my head and I went well man I don't know like 2500 bucks and in one weekend I made nearly $10,000 Building Sales funnels and setting up marketing campaigns for some other insurance in the area craziest weekend of my life. I realized holy smokes I've got a skill set here so I started a marketing company and this is where call the damn leads really comes into life because I'm getting leads for myself. I've got some clients that are paying me to get leads for them things are working so I start expanding and I start this another side hustle right if you're here you may have a side hustle or six let me encourage you to get focused in on your main hustle until it makes you a million dollars and then move to your side Hustle.


I start this marketing company and we get a couple of clients, and some of them are doing great while others are complaining that things aren't working. One of these clients is in the real estate industry, and he pays us, I think it was $1,500 a month at the time, to set up his ads and run traffic. He asked us to set up an advertisement to run traffic to a condo that he's looking to sell. He's a listing agent on this condo, putting it out there for sale, and he wants us to drive traffic and get leads for it. The team and I set up the ad. We started in traffic. I think we got somewhere between, I don't know, 50 and 60 leads or something like that for this property. About two, or three weeks in, I reached out to the guy to check in, do our normal service call, and he's like, "Well, these leads, nobody wants it.


Like, I don't think this works, man. I might want my money back. Like, what are we going to do here?" I was like, "Well, that's strange, man. There were an awful lot of leads for a listing. You're sure none of them were any good?" He's like, "Man, those were trash. I didn't get anything out of it." So, I'm like, "Alright, cool, pick up the phone, start smiling and dialing." And guess what happens? People are actually interested in the property. They want it. They're like, "Hey, where do I send a contract?


Who do I make an offer to? What's the next step here?" So, I take all this information down, put it in my notebook, get the emails of the people for the contracts, and I reach back out to the client and I say, "Hey, Mr. Client, here is a list of all the people who are ready to send a signed contract to purchase the property ASAP, as well as another half dozen or so who are interested in what other properties you have available, along with a receipt for a refund in full of your services this month. The best advice I can give you, sir, is to call the damn leads. And that's it. That is the origin story of called the damn leads."


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Sales Mastery: The Power of Calling the Damn Leads

I thought to myself, "Man, this is the true story." I have some other friends in marketing, and I'm having a conversation with them about this refund that I just had to give, and they're like, "Man, you're right. If all of our clients would just call the damn leads, they'd have a lot more success. 'Cause the ones that do, they make money, and the ones that don't, well, they complain the most." And there you have it, folks. My goofy, silly ass said, "That's hilarious. I need to go put that on a t-shirt or, you know, put it on something and sell it to people because it is the truth." And anyone who's in sales will understand what this means.


That was approximately three years ago, three years ago in 2020. I had this crazy idea to, you know, trademark "call the damn leads," to put it on a t-shirt, and to start this movement because I know in my own life the secret to my success comes down to nothing more than a willingness to pick up the phone, call the damn leads, and help people. Because that's all sales is. It's just picking up the phone, having conversations, and being willing to serve and help people solve their problems.


So, if you're here today, and you're listening to this story, and it resonates with you, and you feel as though you've been in the sales industry, and you know that this is the key to success is calling the damn leads, but you also know there's a community, there's opportunity to share stories and to help each other because I have no doubt that if you're here listening to this show, you've also had someone in your life who took the time to pour into you, to mentor you, to offer you some sort of ideas or strategies to be more successful in your sales journey.


And that's why I'm here. I literally just want to pour into the community. I want to help you be more successful; anyone you know in this industry becomes more tactical, becomes more successful, and makes more money. Because here's the real truth: we all know how to make money. You go out, you do a thing, you get paid. The most valuable asset that you have is your time. This show can help you save time or compress time and avoid the headaches and the common issues that all sales professionals deal with on their journey.


Well then, everything about this is exactly what I want it to be and more. More than anything, I want you to know how grateful I am for you taking the time to be here, to follow the show, to follow the movement, to share it with your friends, family, and anyone you know in the sales community. With that said, hit subscribe, share the show, and come back and see us, because I'm going to be bringing on some of the coolest, craziest sales guys and stories you're ever going to hear.


We're going to share the secret insider tips, and tricks to being successful in sales, and more than anything, if you have an amazing sales story, if you have a story of success or some crazy situation that you survived in the sales industry, I'd love for you to be on and share that. Go over to callthedamnleads.com, and SLP podcast, read the notes, and send me your information. I'd love to connect with you and learn more about how we can put your story out there because here's the truth: there's a lot of crazy stuff that happens in sales, and there's a lot of greatness that comes out of serving the community. And that's what we're here to do at called the damn leads. We'll see you guys on the next one.


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