How 30-Second Videos Helped Me Generate 6 Figures in Revenue

Many people don't realize how powerful a personalized video can be. With the invention of smartphones with built-in cameras and the ability to record personal video, there is a potent tool at your fingertips. Nowadays, the way businesses work has changed a bunch. Now, instead of talking face-to-face, we often use texts and emails. 

But here's the thing - that personal connection we used to have can get lost in all the words on a screen. So, here's a super cool trick to bring back the personal touch: 30-second videos. In this blog, I will share my story about how these short videos became a big deal for me. They didn't just make things personal again; they also helped me make a ton of money – like, six-figure revenue.

How 30-Second Videos Helped Me Generate 6 Figures in Revenue

The Change in How Businesses Work

In today's sales scene, talking to customers has taken a different route. Instead of chatting face-to-face, we're more into messaging and emails. It's convenient, sure, but it comes with a downside: that personal connection we used to have is kind of fading away. This shift is affecting sales pros - the people who make a living out of convincing others to buy stuff.

The Solution: 30-Second Videos

Now, let's talk about the fix to this modern sales challenge – 30-second videos. Imagine instead of typing out long messages or emails, you can create a short video that's just 30 seconds long. It's like a presentation, but super quick!

Why 30 Seconds?

First off, why 30 seconds? Well, it's like the Goldilocks of video length – not too short that you can't say anything meaningful, and not too long that people get bored. It's just right. In 2023 and 2024, one thing is crystal clear – short-form videos are dominating the digital scene.

Short Videos, Big Impact

  • Social Media Influence: Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have made short videos and reels not just a trend but a staple in content creation.
  • Audience Engagement: Users are more likely to engage with and share concise, visually appealing videos, making them a powerful tool for businesses.
  • Current Content Landscape: Staying relevant means adapting to current trends, and right now, short-form videos are the heartbeat of digital content.

Easy-Peasy with Your Phone:

And get this, you don't need fancy equipment. Your smartphone, the one you probably have in your pocket right now, is all you need. Flip that camera into selfie mode, and you're ready to roll. It's as simple as saying, "Hey, how's it going?" for 30 seconds.

Why Selfie-Mode Matters:

Selfie mode makes it personal. When you talk directly to your potential customer, holding your phone, it feels like a one-on-one conversation. It's not some polished, scripted video – it's you, being real, and that makes all the difference.

So, we're talking about a simple, easy, and personal way to connect with your audience and potential clients – all in just 30 seconds. That's the power of these tiny videos.

a woman taking a picture of herself on her phone

Capturing Attention with 30-Second Videos

Video vs. Text

Imagine scrolling through your messages or emails. You see a bunch of words, right? It's easy to glance and move on. But, throw a video into the mix, and suddenly, it's like turning on a spotlight. Videos grab attention way better than plain old text.

When you send a quick video message, the person you're reaching out to has to watch the whole thing to get the message. That's the hook. You've got their attention from start to finish.

My Secret Tip to Boost Confidence

For those of you reading this blog, petrified at the thought of taking a video recording of yourself and sending it to a potential client, I’ve got good news and a simple tip to get over that fear. It’s one of my secrets to generating more than six figures in revenue for our business.

The best way to get over your fear of being on camera in a short selfie-style video is to send “Happy Birthday” messages to your friends and family.

You can go to the Facebook search bar and look for birthdays. The platform will tell you, everyone, with a birthday today and over the previous few days. Simply pull out your phone and shoot a selfie-style video wishing them a happy birthday and leave a friendly little greeting for them in the message.

I’ve been doing this for roughly the last 3 years, and I even added birthday messages to all of the potential clients on my friend’s list as well. In doing so, I rekindled some lost conversations that had gone dormant during the sales process. 

By showing just a small bit of effort and personalization with a short video message, I created an opportunity to ask additional buying questions, which ultimately led to them purchasing.

Adding Emotion and Tonality

In sales, it's not just about what you say; it's how you say it. Emotion plays a big role, and that's something that often gets lost in plain text. 

With videos, you can show your emotions, your excitement, your sincerity. Your voice, your facial expressions – they all come into play. It's not just words on a screen; it's a mini-movie starring you. And that brings a whole new level of connection.

Richer Communication

Text can be so flat. It's hard to convey enthusiasm, empathy, or urgency through words alone. But with a video, you can infuse your message with tonality and emotion. Whether it's the excitement about a new product or the genuine care in your voice, videos let you communicate in a way that's just not possible with plain text.

Imperfections as Authenticity

An occasional stumble or mispronunciation in a selfie-style video can make all the difference. People connect with real, genuine moments. So, when you're not aiming for perfection, when you let a little imperfection sneak in, it makes you more relatable. It's like saying, "Hey, I'm human, just like you."

Building Trust through Mistakes

Believe it or not, a small stumble or a word mix-up can actually build trust. It shows you're not hiding behind a script or trying to be something you're not. It's real, and in a digital world, real stands out. Imperfections make you more trustworthy because, let's face it, we all make mistakes. It's part of being human. And embracing that in your videos can be a secret weapon in building trust with your audience.

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