Challenges and Opportunities: Accept the Challenge to Get Better

EP 833 - Flashback Friday: Accept The Challenge To Get Better

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 On the journey to be the best version of ourselves. 💥

💥 Do something daily to improve your life.💥

💥 Don't let the excuses creep in. 💥

💥 Go ALL IN on yourself and your goals. 💥



Favorite Quote: 

"You have to accept the challenge to get or be doomed with mediocrity."



You have to accept the challenge to get better or be doomed to mediocrity. Right, I hate to bring that to you at this early hour of the day, but this is what we've all committed to, right? We're all on a journey to become the best version of ourselves. We all want to achieve more and have more out of life.

In order for you to have those things, though, you have to accept the challenge to get better every single day. You have to make an effort to do something that improves your life, that makes you become the best version of yourself.

Today, that could mean making a few extra phone calls at work. It could be spending 15 more minutes with your family, the ones you love. It could be going and doing an extra couple of sets of reps when you're at the gym.

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Challenges and Opportunities: Committing to Greatness

Whatever you're doing, you have to put in the work. You have to commit to getting better because the moment you start accepting excuses, you start letting off the gas. You're letting mediocrity creep back in.

And you're not put on this Earth for being mediocre. You are put here to be great. But in order to maintain that greatness, you have to commit to doing the work. You have to commit to getting better.

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Commitment to Personal Growth

Challenges and Opportunities: Commitment to Personal Growth

You have to go all in on yourself your goals and your success. You have to be a little bit selfish because if you want to be the person you know you were put on this planet to be, the person that you see when you close your eyes and you picture the most elite version of yourself, it's going to require commitment.

So don't be afraid, just know that on the days when it's tough and you don't want to get up early and you don't feel like eating the same thing for the 17th day in a row, you've made a commitment to getting better.

You've made a commitment to never accept mediocrity. Just remember that in those hard times when it's Struggle Bus, you made a commitment to becoming the most elite version of yourself. Go get it.

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