Get Better Today: Getting The Best Out Of Life

Flashback Friday: Getting The Best Out Of Life

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Make the best, your standard. 💥

💥 Why are you accepting less? 💥

💥 Go do the work you know you need to do.  💥

💥 Give each small task or situation your best.  💥



Favorite Quote: 

"If you want the best out of life, make the decision to accept nothing but that."



EP 838 - Flashback Friday: Getting The Best Out Of Life

Get better today if you want the best out of life; decide to accept nothing but that. Right, you see, this is what happens. It is when we are going through our days, that we're setting ourselves up for failure because we're saying, "Hey, I want the best out of life. I want to make the most money, I want to be the happiest person. I want to have great relationships. I want the best." But the problem is we're not making that the standard. We're saying one thing, right, that we want the best, but we're choosing not.

Get Better Today: Making Decisions, A Path to Success or Failure

Get better today by making that decision. I'm going to go ahead and sneak a couple of extra french fries. Hey, I will have this conversation that I shouldn't be having. Hey, I'll skip out on work a little early today. Is that putting you on the journey to having the best out of life? Or is that little nuance right, that little thing, the pinhole in your bucket that makes you lose everything right? All it takes is a tiny pinhole to start a crack that destroys the entire foundation of your empire, your life, and your greatness.

Get better today! Are you ready to make a change? Start by improving your decision making process today!

Get Better Today: Let's Get the Best Out of Life!

Get Better Today is all about seizing the moment and making strides towards improvement. So let me ask you: if you want nothing but the best out of life, why are you accepting less? Why are you letting that happen? Why are you making those decisions? We've all done it. We all do it. You'll do it today. But let me remind you that you cannot accept anything less if you want the best out of life. Get better today, so when you go into it—whether going to the gym, heading to the office, spending time with your spouse, or visiting loved ones—give it your all. Accept nothing but the best from that time, that moment, that situation because that's what you were put here for to become the best, the most elite, and the version of yourself that will make you proud. So if you want the best out of life, let's get it together, y'all.

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