Setting Boundaries At Work: Protect Your Time And Crush Your Day

Creating Boundaries 

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Eliminate minor inconvieneces. 
  • 💥 Put that phone away and protect your time. 
  • 💥 Protect your time and complete those tasks.

Favorite Quote: 

"Create boundaries, protect your time, and Crush Your Day!"



Setting boundaries at work will be the quickest way to eliminate those minor inconveniences that become major problems. So what does that mean? One thing that I find is that many people don't even have any boundaries in their life. They just let people walk all over them. And that's part of being a giver. It's a hard thing to navigate, but one thing you have to learn as an entrepreneur, a success-driven individual, a leader, and a mentor is to create certain boundaries.

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Setting Boundaries At Work: Prevent Issues And Protect What Matters

Setting boundaries at work, a perfect example is with our kids. We will let them do and get away with quite a few things because we love them and ultimately, they're kids. But we still have to put certain boundaries in place. Like if we didn't teach our kids not to play by the pool when there are no adults looking, well then we run the risk of there being a major issue. Yes, in the moment it can be a minor inconvenience. It can be hard to, you know, tell your child or punish your child in some way. But creating that boundary, hey, you don't go outside near the pool when there's not an adult present, it prevents that major issue from popping up of, you know,, your poor kid falling in the pool.

Setting boundaries at work is crucial, but there are many areas in your life where it's not so obvious, right? What about your time? Are you putting boundaries on your time? Are you protecting your time? Because we've talked about how precious it is, right? We know that your time means a lot to you. But do you put up boundaries to protect it? When someone tries to call you, do you pick up at the phone and answer it as soon as it rings and get distracted? Maybe you're in the middle of something important, but that phone rings so you pick it up right away or the notifications go off and so you look at it right away.

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Setting Boundaries At Work: Safeguard Your Time And Focus

Setting boundaries at work—what happens? Well, you lose focus. You lose that momentum that you may have had on the project that you were working on. Maybe that's okay, right? Maybe that was an important phone call. But a lot of times, it's not. And until you learn to put a boundary in place of personally not picking up your phone every time a notification goes off or when you're locked in and getting a project done, knowing, hey, I don't answer my phone, I have it turned off, I've turned it over, I don't answer because I need to protect my time. I'm creating this boundary so that I can accomplish the task in front of me instead of having to come back and pick back up where I left off and maybe not getting the thing finished in time.

Setting boundaries at work: that's a minor issue that turns into a major one, isn't it? If you don't deliver your project, what's going to happen? It's kind of obvious. So start thinking about that. What are the little areas in your life where you can begin creating these boundaries, these diminutive safeguards that will prevent all of the little issues that come up from turning into significant life issues? Get out there, create some boundaries, protect your time, and crush your day.


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