What Does Success Look Like: The Many Versions of Success

The Many Versions of Success

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Chasing the highlight reels. 💥
  • 💥 Happiness has to come from you.💥
  • 💥 Finding what brings you joy. Not other people's material things. 💥

Favorite Quote: 

"You have to know what success looks like for you, before you can acheive it."



What does success look like - there are many ways to be successful, but you have to know what success looks like for you before you can achieve it. I like to talk about this often because most individuals get hung up on what success should look like. They start chasing the Instagram and social media reels; they want what all the influencers have; they want this, that, what have you. It's okay; this is how humans are designed.

We learn from what we see; we are a product of our environment. So, when our environment shows us that the "winners" in our life have certain things, maybe material possessions or certain kinds of relationships, we fall into the mentality that is the same sort of thing that we should have to feel as though we are successful.

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True Success And Fulfillment Come From Within

This is where I want to change your mind slightly about this. Because for you, your success, happiness, and fulfillment have to come from you. You have to look inside and take that time to reflect upon what truly brings you joy. All of us can be guilty of wanting what others have, and when we finally get there, we realize that it doesn't truly bring us any joy. It's an achievement, and there's that short dopamine rush for getting what you aspired to. And that's what drugs are, right? Drugs become a short dopamine rush. You get that hit; it feels suitable for a while, and then you're constantly chasing that high again.

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Customize Your Success By Blending Traits From Diverse Mentors

And that's where many individuals get caught up in the success chase. They're chasing something that doesn't truly bring them long-term fulfillment. That doesn't set the success meter high in your life and your mind because you're going after something that's not what you want. So, if you want to be happier and wake up every day and know that you are doing precisely the thing that brings you the most joy in your life, then I need you to recognize that your version of success will be different than mine. It's going to be other than some of your mentors'.

But when you pick mentors who live a lifestyle of parts that you want, maybe they have a great relationship with their spouse or their kids, a fantastic business, a great mindset; perhaps they're physically fit. Have all of these mentors who have what you want, and take what's remarkable from each of them and mold it into your own version. That's how you become truly unique. That's how you truly become the most successful version of yourself.


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