Overcoming Challenges and Resilience: Where Champions Are Made

Champions are made between wanting to quit when things get hard and giving it everything you have, so there's nothing to lose.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Everyone has a situation in their life that they have to push themselves to the limit and give it everything

💥 If you truly want to be a champion, you cannot listen to that "Bitch voice".

💥 When you come out on the otherside, its like no other. 

Favorite Quote: 

"There's something in your life that you're struggling through. But if you just keep going, that's how your championship will be won."


Overcoming Challenges And Resilience: champions are made between wanting to quit when things get hard and giving it everything you have so there's nothing to lose. It's this weird mindset shift when you're out there. You're in the thick of it, right? Think back to maybe a sports game as a kid, or perhaps if you're an endurance athlete, you like to go, you know, do a 100-mile bike ride like I do, um, or maybe you're a runner, whatever right everyone has this situation in their life where they were in it so deep. Everything was going crazy, and they knew that if they wanted to get to the wind right, if they wanted to have the success that they knew was there and waiting for them, they had to put it all on the line and just give it everything so that there was nothing left to lose.

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Overcoming Challenges And Resilience: Champions Push Through Inner Negativity To Succeed

That's where champions are genuinely made: in the crucible of adversity, where overcoming challenges and resilience intersect. When you reach that critical point, your inner dialogue becomes crucial. It's like conversing with yourself, listening keenly to that inner voice. Andy Forella aptly terms it "the voice" – the persistent whisper urging you to quit, reassuring you that it's okay, that everyone will understand.

But that's just the negativity from within, the product of your body and mindset conspiring to hold you back. Yet, deep down, you understand that success demands more. It necessitates pushing through those moments of doubt and discomfort. If you've ever faced such trials and emerged triumphant, achieving the results you desired, you know firsthand the tenacity required to persevere.

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Overcoming Challenges And Resilience: Strive For Greatness

Overcoming challenges and resilience are not just words; they're actions that lead to victory. So, what situation are you in right now in your life where you're hearing that voice saying, "Hey, it's okay to give up, it's okay not to be there yet, it's okay to slow down"? Because you know, as soon as that voice starts creeping in, that's when it's time. It's time to get after it. That's when it's time to look at whatever you've got left and put it all on the line.

My friend Matt Smith says this all the time: "You've got to gamble responsibly, you've got to bet on yourself." Because you and I both know that if you bet on yourself, you're sitting in this seat and doing whatever you're doing right now, listening to this podcast, because you survived. Because you took a bet on yourself and went all in, and you created that greatness. So now, I want you to go out there and do it again because there's something in your life that you're struggling through. But if you keep going, that's how your Championship will be won.

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