The Power Of Showing Up and Be Willing to Show Up

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Learning inside communities. 💥
  • 💥 Show up when opportunities show up. 💥
  • 💥 Take a chance when others aren't willing to. 💥

Favorite Quote 

"Be the person willing to show up, when everybody else gives up!"



You have to be willing to show up when everybody else gives up, which is the power of showing up. So, I want to share a little story with you guys. Back in, I don't know. It was... yeah, probably 2018. I was in this Facebook community, and I was building relationships, trying to learn more about sales, trying to understand how to be a better marketer, and getting more leads. Right, I'm a sales professional, and I wanted to make more money.

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The Power Of Showing Up: Mentorship And Growth Opportunity

So, I'm in this community and trying to learn how to do that from people. At one point, the leader of this community reached out to me, and he says, "Hey man, I like the stuff that you're doing in there. I'd be interested in seeing if you want to work together on some things and see if we can't help each other, right? Maybe a mutually beneficial relationship. Nobody else seems to want to do it, and you're showing up. I want to give you that opportunity."

So, I thought, "Well, okay, it's kind of a no-brainer. I will do this thing anyway, so now you are giving me your blessing essentially to show up and be a servant in your community. That's great because it gives me more opportunity to grow."

And then, fast-forward, I get another message from the guy, and he says, "Hey man, I want you to fly down from Ohio to Dallas and spend the day with me. I want to teach you some things and see if we can't further this relationship."

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The Power of Showing Up: Seizing the Chance to Meet a Mentor

So, I don't think much of it. I'm like, "Well, I can't afford to fly to Dallas, but it's an opportunity I don't want to miss." And I don't think I'm the only person who got this message because he said, "Hey, I'm going, you know, get some people down here. I want you to come down, and we'll chat; bring your SOPs and talk about this stuff."

So, I kind of thought, "Well, shoot, here's another opportunity I don't want to blow. Let me do this thing." So, I set myself up. A couple of months later, I fly down to Dallas. I get in the room. I'm the only person there. A guy shows up, so, huh, strange. Let's get to it.

He starts walking me through the process, and we have a great conversation and go on about our day. I was the only one who showed up in the room. The man who invited me to be there was Ryan Stuman, my personal mentor, the guy with whom I've done tens of millions of dollars of business in the last three years. But it all came back to my willingness to show up and get in the room when nobody else did.

So, what opportunities are in your life? What things have you been offered that you need to show up for? If you're the person who's willing to show up when everyone else gives up, well, you never know what could happen.


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