Seize The Opportunity: Do The Thing, It's Not So Bad

When you do the thing that you've been putting off, it's never as bad as you made it out to be in your head.


What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Are you putting something off? Remember you have been blessed with opportunities all around you. Be grateful and take action.

💥 You are able to instill wisdom in those around you. That's something that is amazing. Remember that.

Favorite Quote

"I'm here to remind you today there's a bigger purpose for it. Go get it done. You're gonna feel a lot better when it's over."

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Seize The Opportunity - Procrastination is a familiar foe to many of us. We often build up tasks in our minds to be more daunting than they truly are. Yet, when we finally muster the courage to tackle them, we discover they weren't as bad as we imagined. I'm speaking from personal experience, reflecting on a moment just like this as I sit down to record these podcasts. Last week slipped by without me addressing them, and the weekend proved equally elusive due to a cascade of events. But here I am on a Monday afternoon, facing the task head-on.

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Seize The Opportunity: The Profound Impact Of Purpose Despite Initial Hesitancy

Seize the opportunity, there's a reluctance within me. I've been putting off these recordings, and now I must reset my mindset. However, as I delve into the work, I'm reminded of the privilege it is to share my message. It was a realization prompted by a conversation with my mother-in-law some months ago. She highlighted the enduring value of these podcasts, envisioning them as a legacy for my son. Even in my absence, they would continue to impart wisdom to him and future generations. This perspective struck me deeply, reframing the task as not just an obligation but a profound opportunity.

It's true; seize the opportunity and immediate inconvenience of the task may seem burdensome. There are always other pressing matters vying for our attention. Yet, when we shift our focus to the broader purpose, we find solace in the significance of our actions. Each task, no matter how mundane it may appear, contributes to something greater than ourselves.

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Seize The Opportunity: Embrace Neglected Tasks For Enrichment And Connection

Seize the opportunity and consider those tasks you've been postponing—the phone call to a loved one, the email waiting in your draft folder, the commitment to self-care through exercise. These actions may seem small, but they hold immense importance in the tapestry of our lives. They are threads of connection, expressions of love, and investments in our well-being.

So, I urge you, as I remind myself: seize the opportunity. Embrace those tasks you've been avoiding. They are not merely items on a to-do list but opportunities to enrich your life and the lives of those around you. Remember the purpose behind them, and let that purpose propel you forward. You'll find that completing them brings not just relief but a sense of fulfillment and meaning. So go forth and conquer those tasks. You'll thank yourself in the end.

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