Call The Damn Leads *Signed Paperback*
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Call The Damn Leads *Signed Paperback*

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Experience a sales revolution with 'Call The Damn Leads’' your unorthodox guide to success.

Welcome to a journey that's part sales genius, part everyday servant. This isn't your typical sales training manual, and Drewbie is not your typical sales guru – this book is a straight-shooting guide to creating a life you can be proud of using sales as the catalyst, and designed for those ready to make measurable improvements in the results they are getting!

What's Inside:

  • Down-to-Earth Sales Strategies: Dive into simplified techniques that have helped me rake in over $15 million in revenue over the last handful of years, all delivered with a dash of humor and a whole lot of heart. Including using memes to close six figure deals!

  • From Doubts to Dollars: I'm sharing my personal story of growth - hand tattoos, self doubts, and all - and how I turned skepticism, a troubled past, and impostor syndrome into a thriving six-figure sales career. Helping thousands of individuals change their life by implementing the very same strategies you will learn in this book.

  • Your Playbook for Personal Success: Whether you're calling leads or scaling your sales system, I'm here to show you what’s worked for me and give you the step-by-step process for implementing the strategies used by 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners I’ve worked with.

Meet Drewbie: Your Unlikely Sales Hero

I'm Drewbie Wilson, my real name is Andrew, but that’s the old me. Drewbie is the man I became on the entrepreneurial journey, and I’ll be your guide to the wild world of sales & follow-up in the digital era. I've gone from being overweight and underestimated to changing my life while creating a sales empire, and now I'm spilling all my secrets (and a few good memes) to help you do the same. With more than two decades in sales and over ten-thousand transactions in my portfolio, I’ve developed a process for sales, follow up, and relationship building anyone can use to build a life they are proud of!

See What Past Clients Have Had To Say:

"Drewbie's approach to sales is like hopping in an old pickup truck with a friend and taking a ride down a long dirt road. It’s a wonderful ride." - Elisa Stabile, Recalibrate360

"Drewbie was the very first person I ever felt comfortable with giving my personal leads to close.” - Ryan Stewman, Apex Business Association

Ready to Rewrite the Sales Rulebook?

If you're all about keeping it real and crushing sales targets, this book is for you. Grab a copy, embrace your inner meme lord, and let's turn your leads into cold, hard cash. Time to show the world what you're really made of!

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