Episode 3 - Hey…How Sturdy Is This?

When the quest for the silent yet sturdy bedroom suite becomes a mission, you know you've stepped into the peculiar world of furniture sales. It’s your boy Drewbie and today we’re bringing you another awesome episode that includes one of my most hilarious sales stories to this day. Today, I recount an unforgettable experience with a newlywed couple navigating the world of bedroom furniture sets. This story isn't just about a sale—it's about the nuances of human needs and the lengths we go to preserve, uh, domestic harmony.

Key Moments

  • -The story of one of my most hilarious experiences in sales yet!

  • -The lessons in this story for the sales professionals out there.

  • -Share your sales stories on this podcast!

Welcome back to "Call the Damn Leads," the show by sales professionals for sales professionals. My name is Drewbie Wilson, and I am excited to be here with you today, sharing all kinds of crazy sales stories, tactics, and everything you need to succeed in your sales journey.


Today, I will tell you a little story from my time in the furniture industry. So, if you're listening, in the furniture business, or know someone in the industry, this story is for you. Make sure you share it with your friends and bring them in because I have a feeling you probably have a story just like this, and I'm excited to hear them and invite you on. So, if you hear this story, and you think, "Holy smokes, I love sales, I've been in a long time, I've got some crazy stories," I'd love to bring you on as a guest. Head over to callthedamnleads.com podcast, send over your information, tell me a little bit about your story, and let's set up a time to bring you on.

But let's get into today's craziness. A few years back, I worked at a furniture store with someone with whom I had friends. It was a job I took as a part-time in-between sales gig after I had gotten let go from a previous sales position in the tobacco industry. A friend of mine who was a client in the tobacco store called me; he said, "Hey man, I got this opportunity to sell furniture around the corner. If you're interested, come check it out, meet the owner, see what happens."


The owner was a really nice young man about my age, maybe 25 or 26 at the time. He says, "Hey man, I'll give you a 2% commission on anything you sell. Hit the floor and see what you can come up with." And boy, do I have some crazy, fun stories from that job. Today's, in particular, is one of my favorite things to say.


It's your average day, kind of sunny outside. I'm sitting there waiting for some UPS to come in, working through. To be honest, I didn't call the damn leads back then, I was just an order taker taking UPS, and I'm just hanging out, watching as people were rolling in. And in walks a nice young couple; the guy's a little bit erratic, and the girl kind of seems reserved, let's say.

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And I give my typical greeting, "Hey, welcome to the store. If you're, you know, is there anything that brought you in today? Are you looking for anything in particular?" And they're saying, "Hey, we're here, we want to check out some bedroom suits." I'm like, "Fantastic, you've come to the right place. We have 36 sets on the floor, we have kings and queens here, we have, you know, different sizes and styles over here. I'll give you some time to walk around and check things out, and then I'll come out and see how you're doing and let you know if any questions need answering. We can handle it from there."


And I step back and move over into the corner to watch. And I'm watching this couple, and they're chitchatting back and forth, kind of really quiet, and they're just checking out all these bedroom suits. And they're walking along, and the guy, I'm seeing, is kind of grabbing each one and he's giving it a good shake. He's giving it a good shake, like, "What the hell is this guy doing?" And I'm, you know, giving them some time, being comfortable and cool, calm, collected, because I don't want them to feel pressured.


And as I make my way back over, I come around the corner, and the lady, I catch her eye, and she gives me a very sheepish smile, and kind of nods and looks down. And I look at the gentleman and I'm like, "Well, is there anything I can help you with? Any questions that you have?" And the guy's like, "Yeah man, this thing kind of makes a lot of noise. How sturdy is it?" And I'm like, "Well, I mean, it's pretty well put together. It's one of our nicer models. It's not the low end, it's not the highest end, but it's pretty sturdy. And depending on where you put it in the room, how you set it up, it should work pretty well."


He says, "Well, here's the deal, man. We just got married, moved in together, got kids, and I need something that won't wake them up down the hall." And I have seen very few people ever blush as red as I saw this man's new wife, apparently, and she was very, very upset that he would share that he was looking for a bedroom suit that was sturdy enough for them to go to pound town on and not wake up their blended family, which, I mean, respectfully, I understand. And also, as a young man who was dating my, I think she was my wife now, but fiance at the time, was thinking, "That's hilarious." And also, this woman was incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation.


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Doesn't matter, I'm a sales professional. I say, "Well, let me tell you, man. If you're looking for something a little more sturdy, I will show you this option over here. It's all wood; it comes very, very tight, and we will set it up and make sure it ain't jiggling around for you." So, I take him over, I show him the set, he looks at it and goes, "Nah, no, man, that's way out of my price range. We'll take the one down there on the corner."


And I'm like, "Are you sure, sir? I don't think that will be, you know, the..." "It's all just piping and tube; I don't think it's going to hold up the way you're..." "Yeah, we'll take that one over there." "All right, man." I don't know. Guy goes, he picks it up, he takes it home, and he comes in five or six hours later, and he's got this huge knot on the side of his head, and he's stirring up a damn ruckus, talking about, "I want to return this thing. It's a..." Every expletive in the book.


And it turns out. Apparently, he bought the cheap bedroom set, took it home, rushed to put it together, tried to use it immediately, and it fell apart. Something hit him in the head. He was less than pleased. It was a big disaster, and yet, it is still one of the most hilarious stories to date that this gentleman came in with his wife and embarrassed the hell out of her, asking, "Hey, man, is this sturdy so I can take my wife to pound town?" And, you know, that will forever live in my mind.


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And then also, to know that he bought the least expensive option, that was the least sturdy, and took it home, you lower up, really seeing what that meant when you buy lower quality. Let that be a lesson, sales pros. First and foremost, always do what's right for your client. Try to show them the best solution to their problem. And make sure that, unlike this gentleman, they're not going to get home, put it to use, and end up with a big knot on their head.


So again, I love crazy sales stories. I cannot wait to come on and share more with you over time. And again, if you have a great sales story and've been in the game long enough to have experienced some wildness, I want you on. I want to share your story. So head over to callthedamnleads.com podcast, submit your information, and send us your stories. Let's bring them on. I want to share as many wild ones as we can.


And if you hear this story, like it, or know someone in the industry who will get a kick out of it, make sure you hit subscribe, share it with your friends, and tag us on social media @calledthedamnleads. We'll see you guys in the next episode.

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