Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset: Do What Couldn't Be Done

Do For Others What Couldn't Be Done For You

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Scarcity mindset. 💥
  • 💥 Taking abundance to the people around you. 💥
  • 💥 Working with the resources and tools you have. 💥

Favorite Quote: 

"Don't be afraid to do for others when they need it the most."


Do what couldn't be done for others when you need it most. I've tried to think about the scarcity vs. abundance mindset as I've grown because when I was a kid, there were a lot of things in my life that I had resentment for, and I felt like, why couldn't someone do that for me, right? And I don't want to go into the details or get to the nitty-gritty about it.

Still, there were a lot of situations where I asked myself, how come that individual, that kid, that person gets a chance to go on that adventure, travel, have that experience, or have that monetary or material thing because I had a lack in my life?

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Navigating Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset: A Personal Journey

I had this scarcity mindset because of the way that we grew up. I mean, I had a single mom and three brothers, and she worked her ass off to provide for us, and she did a fantastic job with the resources and the tools that she had in her life. I can't fault her for anything. She did what she could do, and she made the decisions that she made; they ultimately forged me into the human being I am today, which makes me grateful. And in turn, I now look for opportunities to do for them, my mom, and my family what they couldn't do for me when I needed it, right?

Sometimes, I needed someone strong or something specific, and they couldn't provide that by no fault of their own. Now, in situations where I have abundance, I express extreme gratitude and offer much value for the opportunities I've received.

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Scarcity Vs Abundance Mindset: Sharing Blessings with Others

And so now my goal in life is to turn around and return that favor, to continue telling the universe, 'Hey, I'm blessed with abundance, and I'll take that abundance to the people around me who always supported me, who've always done and been there for me.

And I hope you do the same in your life because there's a lot of some people who've done things for you, whether you've given it that thought or credit or not, that you could be doing for others when they need it because they don't have someone in their life who can provide that.

That is the most incredible feeling in the world when you get a chance to step up and be that individual in someone's life who does for them when no one else can, that last hope, that person who saves the day. And it's not about you getting any return out of it other than knowing you're showing the universe you're not afraid to keep giving, that you're not scared to do for others what was done for you when you needed it most.

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