Making Good Choices: Choose to Make a Choice

EP 746 -  Way Back Wednesday: Inner Circle Growing Pains

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Defeat analysis paralysis. 💥

💥 Make a good choice. It's a compounding effect.💥

💥 Why haven't you made that decision today? 💥

Favorite Quote: 

"You were born with the ability to make choices, don't turn that blessing into a curse by failing to make good use of it."



You were born with the ability to make choices. Don't turn that blessing into a curse by failing to make good use of it. So, this is something that you really need to start thinking about in your life.

You know, we are given the ability to choose the moment we're born. And what tends to happen to a lot of folks, especially in the entrepreneurial space and personal development, is you have to start making a choice.

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Making Good Choices: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

There are so many choices that are available that we get what's called analysis paralysis. We spend all of our time trying to figure out what's going to be the best choice, what are the outcomes of the choices, you know, what choices am I going to make.

But unfortunately, if you spend all of your time in that analysis paralysis and you don't actually make a choice, you're always going to end up with the wrong situation.

So, when you are faced with a decision next time, whether it's a decision to let's say get up and go out, make the good choice for yourself. Choose to go and work out even if you don't feel like it because you'll know at the end of that workout session, unless you hurt yourself by overtraining, but theoretically if you just make the decision to go and work out at the end of it, you're going to feel better.

That dopamine, that adrenaline, the things that you're going to get internally from making a good decision is actually going to fuel that fire and give you more energy to go on and continue making good choices.

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Making Good Choices: The Key to Success

Making Good Choices: The Key to Success

But if you just sit there and you stare at the gym for 25 minutes instead of actually walking in and putting in the work, you've wasted that 25 minutes. You didn't make a choice and that choice actually cost you because of the indecision. So really get clear on that.

What choices are you facing right now and why haven't you pulled the trigger on one? Why haven't you made a decision to go all in and get what you want? Because if you allow yourself to have that analysis paralysis and don't make a choice, you're choosing not to win.

So go out there, make good choices, and crush the day.

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