How to Deal With Haters: Don't Blame Yourself

Ep. 647 - Don't Blame Yourself

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

  • 💥 Make people feel uncomfortable. 💥
  • 💥 Dealing with haters. 💥
  • 💥 Winning through success. 💥
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"All you can do is setup yourself up to continue to be the example."



It's not your fault that your success is making other people uncomfortable. I want you to understand that. I'm not here to advocate being flashy or flexing on people's rights and putting it in people's faces that you're successful; that's not this. But what I'm saying is that on your journey, there are going to be situations where you do put in the work and bust your butt, and you have success, right? You're gonna get the results. You're gonna get the fruits of your labor.

But it's going to make some people around you upset. It's going to make them feel less than. It will make them mad that you won and they didn't, right? It's going to create some haters. It's sad. It's very, very unfortunate. But a lot of times, these people are people close to you. You know, they're people that you consider friends or family members, even who start to get upset that you're succeeding.

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How to Deal with Haters: Navigating Criticism on Your Journey to Success

I just want to remind you that it's not your fault, right? You can't help their mindset, their mentality, their way of approaching life. All you can do is set yourself up to continue being the example because if you want to be the greatest version of yourself, which I'm sure you do, that's why you're here, you all understand that being that version of yourself, showing up every day and winning, having success, that's the best kind of leader you can be, right? That's the best kind of example you can be. But while you're on that journey, just be prepared.

Somebody's going to be mad. Somebody's going to, you know, have a passive-aggressive comment for you on your posts on social media. And this is where it really stems a lot, right? As you try to share something on social media, a win that you had, some kind of cool event that you were a part of, right?

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How to Rise Above Negativity

Dealing with Haters: How to Rise Above Negativity

Something that matters to you. And you're going to get these trolls that come out of the dark on the internet, hiding behind pictures of their dog or weird logos or Batman symbols, right? These trolls, as we call them, and they're going to hate on you. They're going to have things to say. They're going to try to drag you back down to that level.

But don't go there. Don't let it get to you. Just remember, it's not your fault that your success makes them uncomfortable. It's your duty to have success and to be a great example of that humble lifestyle and how it can really truly make a difference when you set the example. But don't let the haters bother you.

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