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Drewbie Wilson: Unleashing Potential with CALL THE DAMN LEADS | The FreeMind Podcast

In this captivating episode of The FreeMind Podcast, host Nate Fochtman sits down with the innovative Drewbie Wilson, Founder of CALL THE DAMN LEADS. Dive deep into Drewbie's extraordinary journey from his early days in the "Commodities relocation business" to revolutionizing the sales industry with his groundbreaking strategies and mindset.

Discover how Drewbie turned his life around, from facing challenges head-on to creating a legacy that transcends the conventional boundaries of sales. This episode is not just a story of personal triumph but a roadmap to mastering the art of sales, embracing change, and living with intention.

What You'll Learn:
- The origins of Drewbie's unique name and how it became synonymous with sales success.
- Drewbie's bold decision to leave a lucrative corporate job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream.
- Strategies for overcoming call reluctance and transforming your sales approach.
- The power of prioritizing time over money for a fulfilling and balanced life.

0:00 - Introduction to Drewbie Wilson
5:00 - The Early Years: Challenges and Growth
10:00 - The Turning Point: From Corporate to Entrepreneurship
15:00 - Mastering Sales and Overcoming Call Reluctance
20:00 - Building a Legacy and Valuing Time

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a sales professional looking to up your game, or simply in search of inspiration to change your life's trajectory, this episode offers invaluable insights and actionable advice.

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