Self Limiting Beliefs: Settling for the Limiting Belief

EP 735 - Settling For The Limiting Belief

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💥 You can have more. 💥

💥 You created the mental story of limiting belief.💥

💥 Readers are leaders. 💥

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"You can have more, but you keep settling for the limit you put on yourself."


Book mentions:

"The Magic of Thinking Big" 



You could have more, but you keep settling for the limit that you've put on yourself. And damn it if that wasn't a gut punch when I was told that statement. That's the truth though.

We could all have more if we stop settling for the limits that we put on ourselves. It's just the truth. We all have a mental limit that we've created through the years and years and years that we've become a product of our environment.

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Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs: Breaking Free from Negative Conditioning

A lot of it starts with when we're growing up, right? Going as kids, being told you're capable of this or you're not capable of this because of XYZ. The people in our lives were haters and told us we'd never amount to anything because we came from trash or we were trash or whatever excuse and nonsense that we were told.

Because those limiting beliefs exist in everyone. And where we are guilty sometimes is letting others place their limiting beliefs on us. And then letting those limiting beliefs keep us from becoming who we're meant to be. Because that's really all it is.

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Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs: Unlocking Your Full Potential

We just finished up reading "The Magic of Thinking Big" in our Readers are Leaders book club, and it really brought to light for me the idea that the bigger we think, the better we become, the more we get out of life. So what are those limiting beliefs that you've set on yourself? Is it a financial goal? Is it a fitness goal?

Is it a situation in your relationship where you don't believe it could ever be better or possible? For those of you still looking for that perfect relationship, it doesn't really exist. Nothing is perfect, but you can work on it. You can get better every single day. You can get rid of the belief that there's going to be a lot of bad things like that.

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Breaking the Shackles of Past Experiences

Self Limiting Beliefs: Breaking the Shackles of Past Experiences

That's something that we see if you grow up in a broken home. You might have these limiting beliefs on what relationships are capable of. But whatever that thing is in your life, that limiting belief, I want you to work on getting rid of it. Chip away at it a little at a time. And I know it can be kind of woo-woo, and people will say, "Oh, shoot for the moon and you'll still hit the stars."

And I know, like, here's the thing though: the woo-woo stuff, it's kind of true. Because the bigger you think, the more you believe, the more you're capable of. Because if you do limit yourself, a limit's a limit for a reason.

Maybe you need to go a little more, you know, high limit, raise the stakes a little bit. As my friend Matt Smith says, "Gamble responsibly, bet on yourself, raise that limit, and go all in."

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