Process vs. Progress: Paralysis by Analysis

EP 722 - Process or Progress

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Paralysis by analysis. 💥

💥 Getting lost on the hamster wheel.💥

💥 Going and taking action. 💥

💥 Take the time to refuel. 💥

Favorite Quote: 

"The more time you spend questioning the process, the less progress will achieve in the end."



Check it out. So, the more time you spend questioning the process, the less progress you will make. So, this is one of those things a lot of people will call, analysis paralysis. They'll get stuck continuously trying to learn the things that they need to learn so they can achieve the result they're trying to achieve.

But they don't actually do any work. And this is the entrepreneurial curse, where you constantly feel as though you need more time to be ready. It's a little bit of time. You're going to have to think about it more.

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Process vs Progress: The Hamster Wheel of Inaction

And what happens is you spend all of your time on this hamster wheel, going absolutely nowhere but feeling exhausted. It happens all the time. I know 'cause I'm speaking from experience where I've gone down that rabbit hole, where I've jumped in and felt as though I wasn't ready, ready to take action. And the truth is, the only thing I needed to do was go and take action. If I had just done the work, I would have seen the results, and I would have had an exponential growth pattern because of it. Instead, I took time to think. I took time to wait. I questioned if the process would work for me. And in the end, it caused me to have a lack of progress.

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Process vs Progress: Balancing Work and Well-being

Where does that happen in your life? Where are you working on things and realizing that you're constantly questioning the process? Probably in your health and your fitness. Well, I don't know if I take time to go and these mental health days will help. Well, I don't know. I can't tell you.

But I can tell you that if you don't take the time to do a reset, you will burn out. You're going to have a hard time focusing. So sometimes you have to be planning and going through the process and just trust that going and spending time away from your business intentionally is going to be the thing that gives you the focus you need when you get back to solve the problem you've been working on.

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Process vs Progress: Embracing Action Over Doubt

Sometimes it's the other way. Sometimes it's being intentionally out of your business so that you can focus on your family so that you don't lose your family so that you don't lose the thing that you say is the reason that you go and do the thing you do every day.

But if you spend all of your time questioning the process and if it's going to work instead of just taking action and adjusting the results as you go, well, we know what will happen at this point. And that's why I'm here today to remind you that if you stop questioning the process and start doing the work, you're going to see a lot more progress.

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