Failure Is Success in Progress: Failure Is the Reminder for Growth

EP 808 - Flashback Friday: Failure Is The Reminder For Growth

Highlights from this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Attention high achievers! 💥

💥 Failure is a stepping stone.💥

💥 You need to keep working.  💥

💥 Keep building in your process.  💥




Favorite Quote: 

"Failure is simply a way to remind yourself that you've still got room to grow."



Your failure is simply a way to remind yourself that you've still got room to grow. Right, this is something I think a lot of us deal with as high achievers and folks who have set the bar at a level significantly higher than most others on this planet. You know, when we're on this journey, this mission to be the best version of ourselves, we always want to win, we always want to just crush the day, right?

And so, I think what we have to remember is that when we fail or we have a situation where we don't hit our goals in our set time frame or whatever parameters we've set around that achievement, right? I think it's hard on us, and we struggle with continuing to feel that confidence because it is kind of like a blow to our ego when we don't meet a goal or an achievement.

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Failure Is Success in Progress: Embracing Failure as Growth

But remember that failure is simply a stepping stone, it's a lesson, and it's an opportunity for you to take something away and make that better version of yourself. It's how you find that little piece, right? It's that hanging thread, it's that small stain on a shirt that keeps it from being pristine and perfect. And so, when you have these failures and you go through these situations, just remember that you've still got room to grow.

Think about when you're in the gym and you're working on your fitness, you know? If you're trying to work on, let's say, your deadlift and you're trying to go to a new personal best record for weight on the bar. When you're picking it up and let's say you were at 350 and you're pushing for 375 and you know you put 375 in there and you go to pick it up and you get almost there but not quite, that failure hurts, right? You get upset, you might get a little frustrated, and want to try again and fail again.

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Failure is Success in Progress: Embracing Growth through Setbacks

Failure is Success in Progress: Embracing Growth through Setbacks

And I think it's one of those things where this is an opportunity to remember, "Hey, I need to keep working. I need to keep working on my form. I need to continue doing just slightly less than this to build those muscles."

So remember, failure is a way of reminding yourself that you've got room to grow, that you still have an opportunity to get better. So go out there and keep failing because that'll keep making you better.

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