Breaking the Glass Ceiling Today: Shattering Barriers

Allowing Others To Put A Ceiling On Your Potential | CTDP 549


You have to stop letting the potential of others, put a ceiling on your results.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 We all have been in situations where we bring an idea to a friend, co-worker, or someone close. You have big dreams for this until they say it's a bit far out of reach. 


💥But the thing is, most of the time, they don't have the same drive for success. Don't let their words push you away from your potential. 


💥Just because they don't think it's realistic doesn't mean you have to too. Keep pushing yourself. Keep growing. And don't let anyone tell you you can't do something. 


Favorite Quote: 

"You need to go out there and blow past any ceiling that anyone has ever put on because of their own limiting beliefs."

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