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Million Dollar Dads: Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice & Secrets for Mastering Work-Life Balance

Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible at the time? As a man and a father trying to build a business or two, have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, working so hard to provide for your family while seemingly abandoning them as you feel increasingly distant, disappointed, almost too frustrated to go forward but with too much at stake to quit?
Learn how these author-entrepreneur-Dads hit a wall, pivoted, built even stronger businesses, and now each has a Million Dollar Story making a difference and changing their families' lives. Every author represented has one or several businesses close to or above $1Million in revenue. Importantly, these highly successful entrepreneurs share their best advice and secrets for mastering work-life balance; businesses based on increasing sales, monetizing podcasts, employing smart tax strategies, excelling at affiliate marketing, mastering the mindset game, and more!
In an era of rapid change, hear directly from highly influential businessmen who encourage action-taking and an entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and business for the next generation to write their own Million Dollar Story despite external forces.
You'll hear from Preston Anderson whose infant son required multiple surgeries, spending the early part of his life in the hospital at a time when Preston had just left a job and chosen to open his firm. And how years later, his son and two other children are thriving, his business is thriving, and they've added a second highly successful entrepreneur to the household, as his wife went into business, too!   And you'll hear from Chris Baden, dad to three, formerly an American Ninja Warrior competitor, who grew three businesses to the million-dollar mark based on his system of Purpose Driven Prospecting - which his three-year-old son has now mastered! Akbar Sheikh went from living in a closet with his brother to receiving four Two Comma Club awards while helping thousands of entrepreneurial students make more to give more.  But … no more spoilers! Read Million Dollar Dads so you, too, can master work-life balance, prioritize being present with your family, and achieve noteworthy influence and success.
“This book helped me realize I’m not alone in facing challenges and it’s possible to balance family with work and still become successful.” ~ Alex Cantaboni, Owner, Safe Pro Pest Control
“Anyone trying to balance being a dad and being a boss needs to read this.” -Trent Bray, Founder, Hustle Energy
Million Dollar Dads provides unique perspectives from seven different entrepreneurs with their real-life stories of overcoming struggle and reaching the pinnacle of success in their respective industries. Their stories let us know that we are not alone in our search to find balance in our personal and professional lives.  ~ Chris Shortino, Realtor, Shortino Group


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