Marketing Savage

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Marketing Savage: True wealth. True health. True life.

You may be thinking, “OK, what makes a Marketing Savage so different?” Although you’ll need to read the entire book to fully understand the possibilities behind the formula, I will give you an overview of what you’re getting into.

I feel like we’re about to enter the matrix together and you're being asked if you want the red or the blue pill. At this point, you can go back to your normal existence getting the same results and living the same life, or you can dig deeper into these pages and challenge everything you’ve ever been taught.

This is where I’ll warn you, some of my methods are extremely unconventional, you’ve never consumed anything exactly like I’m about to teach you. I’m going to challenge your worldview and suggest changes that will radically alter your perception of everything. I'll say this again, this is not another book on marketing, this is a way of life. I will not dumb down teachings, and trust me you’ll likely want to consume this knowledge over and over again, so these principles sink in.

I’ve studied hundreds of books on marketing, and I feel the critical path to success has purposely been left out. Most books on marketing are mainly surface level, meant to be consumed by a 5th grader. I understand why it’s been so simplified; everyone needs to start with training wheels, but that is not this book. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to find information on how to get rid of the training wheels and move onto a more advanced level of marketing, so I’m giving you that here. On my journey to find something more, I had to draw this knowledge I’m about to teach you from deep inside my own soul.

You will walk with a different set of rules, you’ll enter into a new kingdom. My friends, this is not about how I would change the world, but the way you will change the world. What I’m going to teach you is not about becoming good, it’s about becoming great.


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