It Ain't Rocket Surgery

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It Ain't Rocket Surgery: 21 Simple Tips that will Take Your Sales to the Moon!

Whether you are in your first sales position or your fortieth, this book will help you. If you catch just ONE thing that you can add to your repertoire that leads to a deal, then reading this will have been worth your time.

I fully believe that none of us are as smart as all of us, and sometimes, hearing information in a new way can inspire a change or light a fire of momentum that will carry you to new places. As you read this book, you may ask yourself, "Is it really that simple?" The answer will be a loud & resounding, "Yes!" Humans have a tendency to over complicate the mess out of nearly everything we do. We use nine words when five will do. We feel better to "think about it" when it's time for a new item to buy than to just act upon it, even though our mind was made up before we even got to the store. We research, then research, and research some more. I once had a client meeting with a lady on a health insurance plan, and she had almost filled a composition notebook with graphs, charts, and numbers. She was cross-referencing carriers, deductibles, copays, and premiums. In three questions, I was able to show her the EXACT plan she needed. But she spent who knows how many hours writing this all out.

The purpose of me writing this book is to give sales pros of all walks of life simple action items that can be done by anyone that will make an impact on growing their business. Whether you are a fantastic relationship builder that grows a book of residual clients, or you are in a transactional business model that is mostly single item sales, this book will give you pieces to add to your sales arsenal that can be implemented immediately.

What entrepreneurs are saying about Brian McKittrick:

“One of my favorite things about Brian is that he is one of the most selfless humans I have ever met. He serves at such a high level.”
-Jessica Stroud, Owner Midwest Insurance Solutions

“Brian’s an outstanding human being to be around, and I know I can trust that guy because he lives in integrity.”
-Marc Zalmanoff, Founder of Marc Z Fitness

“What I really liked about working with Brian was that he made it super easy, and got me everything I needed.”
-Drewbie Wilson, VP of Sales at Break Free Academy

“Brian not only took the time to find out my needs, but also how his service would have an impact on me.”
-Kris Whitehead, Founder & CEO of New England Custom Remodeling

“When I reached out to Brian, we were unsure of the options. He made the process really easy to do business with him for the right fit for our needs and budget.”
-Mike Claudio, Founder of WinRate Consulting

“Brian is omnipresent, he’s everywhere on social media and with his website. Brian this is the kind of person you get to know, like, & trust because he puts out real, true content of who he is, and is just as authentic online as in person.”
-Tomas Keenan, COO of Break Free Academy


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