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Becoming Iconic: How to Make Today’s Ceiling Tomorrow’s Floor

The trenches are where you learn that what you perceive as the best you can do simply isn't true. You are always capable of doing more.

In Becoming ICONIC: How to Make Today's Ceiling Tomorrow's Floor, you will learn to dream bigger. You need to dream bigger because you have no choice but to survive the battles of business. Or go down in flames. When you emerge triumphantly, you will see that your perceived ceiling is only limited to what you are certain you can achieve.

The trenches will reveal that today's limits are merely obstacles to overcome. It is there that you will learn to trust your intuition and live in a flow-state of certainty.

You are only finding this out now because you haven't been ready until this moment. Operating without certainty will get you killed on real battlefields, as well as in metaphorical business battles. Embrace this knowledge.

So, hop into the trenches with me, give me your best war cry, point that gun down range…and let's get to doing some damage on the enemy.

I promise it's going to be the fight of your life. One day, a long time from now, when you look back at the choice you made to get in the trenches with me, I hope you realize it was your CERTAINTY that led to your VICTORY.

Let's go…

Down into the trenches…


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